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My focus is different from other relationship experts and professionals. When you hire me I am the advocate for your marriage!  The key is to figure out what isn’t working in your relationship and learn or re-learn essential relationship success skills so you both can navigate the tough times and co-create a life you both can love together, no matter how stormy the weather.

About Love Like a Black Belt

Love Like a Black Belt: Cracking the code to being a happy couple is the ultimate guide for committed couples to build a strong, respectful and lasting love-relationship based on learning, practicing and mastering the essential relationship success skills as discussed by Dr. Jackie, while staying true to the core characteristics of the Black Belt Mindset as discussed by co-author and professional martial artist, Jim Bouchard.

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About Couples & Money

“…Dr. Jackie mentors couples to understand their individual relationships with money in order to create a unified money story together. She provides them with the tools, methods, and principles to create their own blueprint for a successful money relationship….
-David Krueger, M.D., CEO, MentorPath and the Author, The Secret Language of Money. 

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About Meeting Your Match

Meeting Your Match” is not for the casual dater, but for men and women who are looking to develop the self-awareness and intimacy skills necessary to build a successful, rewarding relationship that will last a lifetime.”
-Nicole Beland, Deputy Editor of Women’s Health Magazine

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